Team Workshop

Analog Social Network

Improve diversity by getting to know each other
30-60 minutes
4-10 people
On-site only


In the early stages of team building, you can use the following exercise so that every employee gets an overview of whom they are working with, how people know each other and how teams are structured within your corporation or department.

Team workshop instructions


  • (Big) Moderation cards & Whiteboard

Check-In (5 minutes)

  • Welcome the team and introduce the workshop

Overview: Get to know each other by talking about your connections and similarities.

Goal: Getting an overwiev of the team’s structure and whom everyone is working with.

Step 1 (2 minutes)

  • Every participant draws an avatar of themselves on an index card including their name, position and one superpower the person would like to have.

Step 2 (5-10 minutes)

  • Draw a timeline on the whiteboard and have everyone place their cards on the timeline according to the time they’ve been working at the company/on the project.

Step 3 (1 minute/ person)

  • Everyone presents their avatar (name, position and superpower) and location on the timeline.

Step 4 (5-10 minute)

  • Everyone tells their story how they came to the company and what they did before (1 Minute per person). Have everyone connect their avatar with the person they’ve met first at the company / they know the longest.

Step 5 (1 minute/person)

  • Now the team members present their connections to the group and provide the reason they know each other.

Step 6 (5-10 minutes)

  • Find pairs of two people. To do so collect the half of all cards from the left side of the timeline and let all the people who are not in the pile pick a card. So you can make sure, that the people who has been in the company for a long time match with those who has been there for a shorter time span. Now let each pair find as many similarities as possible and write them down.
Similarities could be: hobbies, work experiences, characteristics, places they’ve visited, number of siblings etc.

Step 7 (2 minutes/ pair)

  • Have each pair presents their similarities.

Ending (10 minutes)

  • Ask the team members if they found out any surprising facts about their team mates.
  • Make clear how getting to get to know each other supports team cohesion, which is important for the team performance.


“We hopefully got to know each other better during this workshop. Maybe we even found out some surprising facts about each other and could detect some things we have in common. As a team it is good to have a basis beyond the work related topics. Everyone feels more valued when they are not just seen as the function they fulfill in the team but as a person with a life, interests and individuality. Additionally we can see that beyond this individually we are not even that different and there will always be something about an other person we can relate to. Especially in situations of disagreement this will be helpful to remember. ”

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