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“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou

Psychological background on Creativity as a team challenge

Creativity is often discussed in contexts outside of work, but managing creativity in organizations is equally important. In Switzerland, the psychiatrist and creativity researcher Gottlieb Guntern has become known for his precise definition and explanation of the term creativity. Guntern understands creativity as the ability to produce a product that is judged by a group of competent and critical people to be original, unique, functional, adequate and formally aesthetic.
“Every creative process”, he writes in the book Irritation and Creativity, “takes place in an ecosystem whose chaos and order, chance and law, freedom and structural compulsion, spontaneity and calculation in manifold, constantly changing combinations determine the quantitative and qualitative aspects of this process”.
According to this, creativity in the team is essential in order to achieve common goals and to make the cooperation/product/customer orientation etc. even better.
  • Goal Orientation is a motivation variable which determines whether a person wants to either develop or demonstrate abilities in achievement situations.
  • Supportive Climate is important so that every employee has the courage to use and share their creativity with their colleagues.
  • Information Exchange is necessary because it enables employees to share their creative ideas and thereby improve the working process and their products.
  • Individual Creativity can be enhanced through a learning goal orientation and a supportive learning atmosphere.
Theoretical Model behind the team challenge Creativity

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