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Conflict Behavior

“The moment you can get people to talk about what they want instead of what’s wrong with the other person, you immediately see an opportunity to begin a solution.” – Marshall B. Rosenberg

Psychological background on Conflict Behavior as a team challenge

Managing conflict and engaging in negotiation are important for effective organizational behavior and performance. Conflict can be dysfunctional if it leads to less performance or causes interpersonal problems. However, moderate conflict can be a healthy and necessary part of the work process because it causes a constructive debate of ideas and possibilities which leads to innovation. In order to achieve a positive level of conflict, we need to understand its causes, consequences and appropriate conflict management.
  • Task conflict refers to issues employees have when they don’t agree on how to perform a certain task.
  • Relationship conflict refers to disagreements between two or more people which are often emotionally based and therefore can affect the working environment negatively.
  • Conflict management is important to resolve dysfunctional conflict, start constructive debates and thereby stay innovative.
  • Negotiation is a useful part of conflict management and helps employees to reach an agreement or make a compromise.
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Theoretical Model behind the team challenge Conflict Behavior

Recommended team workshops for Conflict Behavior

Conflict Behavior

Reflect on your Behavior

Improve Conflict Behavior by reflection
Conflict Behavior

Reflect Team Norms

Facilitate good Conflict Behavior by reflecting team norms
Conflict Behavior

No Buts

Improve Conflict Behavior by working on listening skills

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