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“To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.” – Tony Robbins

Psychological background on Communication as a team challenge

Effective communication is central to all business goals and all workshops we provide here. Exchanging information and ideas within an organization or your team is called workplace communication. For communication to be effective, a message has to be sent and received accurately. That includes oral and written communication as well as listening, public speaking and nonverbal communication.
There are various components to communication which are outlined in the communication model by Shannon and Weaver (1948). In order to enhance your communication process, you should take all of these components into consideration.
  • The Sender is the person who sends the message and chooses its content, the person to send it to and a channel through which to send the message.
  • The Encoder is the transmitter which converts the message into signals. For example, in telephone, the voice is converted into wave signals. The encoder can also be a person that turns an idea into spoken words.
  • The Channel is the infrastructure we send a message with. For example, a person sending an email is using the internet as a channel.
  • Noise can interrupt our understanding of a message. For example, when you missspell a word in a text message (encoding) or when someone misinterprets a sentence when reading an email (decoding).
  • The Decoder is the reception place which converts the signals back into the message. For example, you need to interpret the meaning of written words when reading a text message.
Theoretical Model behind the team challenge Communication

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