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Our mission

Echomat enables Scrum Masters & Agile Coaches to find psychology-based workshop formats that address their teams’ challenges.

All workshops are specifically designed and tested to address the most common challenges agile teams have in a fun and effective way.

Our team

Ida Maria Osterkamp

Psychology student

Paula Küppers

Psychology student

Anna-Lena Becker

Psychology student

Gesine Schultz

Psychology student

Carlotta Wortmann

Psychology student

Victoria Hoffmann

Psychology student

Jae Lotta Klinksieck

Psychology student

Miriam Ottmann

Psychology student

Jean Michel Diaz

Co-Founder @ Echometer

Bringing psychological research to your team

Our timeline

Spring 2020

Stage 1: Ideation

Based on our work on Echometer, we were convinced that agile teams would love the idea to find workshop formats that are specifically designed to address their team’s challenges.

Anna-Lena, Ida and Paula were the first to initiate the project related research and conduct interviews with Scrum Masters.

Summer 2020

Stage 2: Prototyping

Based on the initial research and user interviews, Carlotta, Miriam, Johanna, Gesine and Victoria turned the concept into a prototype, and designed a process to create and test the workshops.

Winter 2020

Stage 3: Prepare Go-Live of Beta

“Ship early”, they said. To make sure we can continuously improve Echomat based on user feedback, we decided to make the Beta version with the first 20 workshops publicly available.

2021- Today

Continuously improving

Our goal is to make the Echomat the biggest psychology-based workshop library out there – accordingly there is a lot of work ahead for us.

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