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How It Works

Echomat uses distinct challenges such as mindset to help you find the right remote team workshop quickly.

1. Select a challenge you'd like to address

Your team needs support with improving conflict behavior or mindset? We’ve got you covered and let you choose the challenge your team is facing right know.

2. Understand the challenge & its psychology

The psychological background for each challenge helps you gain deeper understanding of your teams struggles. Understanding an obstacle is vital to overcoming it and to prevent relapses.

3. Find the right remote workshop to boost your team

For each challenge several team workshops are offered to tackle the obstacle at hand. The remote workshops are labeled with duration, team size and remote/ on-site suitability.

Select a team challenge and get started!

Choose the challenge you’d like to address & we provide you with the best team workshops.

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Personal Initiative


Conflict Behavior

Team Cohesion


Team Goal

How Echomat works

We have not launched our service yet. In this video, we show what to expect once we launch.

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